[T]he systematic anti-Hamas propaganda engineered by some Palestinian trends does not specifically target Hamas as an organization. It in fact targets the concept of resistance itself, as a practice, an idea, a consciousness. The alternative on offer is not resistance through different tactics. It is its antithesis, an alliance with colonialism.
Look at the survival struggle in Detroit under a corporate police state, which denies water to people, because that is what we will all get in years to come if we do not fightback now. Food riots, water rebellions, and other struggles over the basics of human survival denied and/or regulated by the gov’t and corporations.

BRICS: Progressive Rhetoric, Neoliberal Practice

Is the New BRICS Bank a Challenge to US Global Financial Power?


Despite French President François Hollande’s ban on Palestine solidarity demonstrations, thousands of protesters marched in French cities on Saturday to condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza. Clashes broke out after riot police fired tear gas at protesters .19. July 2014


Jus Reign on White Towns vs Brampton

I’m from Brampton and just had to share this for a laugh. 


The world stands with Palestine.


Stop the Massacre in Gaza Protest for Palestine in NYC



also rich folks in “the movement,” y’all ain’t doing a damn thing if you’re not also redistributing your resources to those in the community who cannot afford to be at all the rallies where you get photo ops/activist cred because they are too busy working 3 jobs just to survive

Who wants to be in a “movement” with rich people?

Ya, Fuck Friedrich Engels…

If [Hillary] Clinton wants to tell a better American story and have people to come to a consensus about who we are, she has to tell the story straight and then explain how we can best try to live up to our higher ideals in the future. Constantly telling ourselves a bunch of fairy tales about how great we are has painted us into a corner in which the worst elements of our leadership can rationalize any behavior —- including torture and indefinite detention in prison camps —- and nobody is willing to hold them accountable for it. The funny thing is that the old idea that the monarch was infallible and ordained by God is exactly what the American revolutionaries were rebelling against. I’m going to guess they didn’t anticipate that we would imbue our new country as a whole with the same nonsense.
Hullabaloo (via azspot)

I almost don’t blame liberals for supporting Hillary Clinton. She talks a fucking good game. 


South Africa protests for Palestine. 30,000 people estimated to have been there. (via Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Jabbar)

All Governance in Libya Remains Contested